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Thomas Baisch, Seattle Attorney


Tom Baisch Jury Verdicts

King County Superior Court (Kent, Washington); February, 2014, Kosyuk v. George Anderson Trucking; Judgment for $210,496.44 following final offer of $75,000 from insurance company

King County Superior Court (Seattle, Washington); March 2011 Yu v. Zdorenko; Judgment for $88,086.39 following Jury Verdict; Insurance Company Appeals from Arbitration Award of $22,316; Jury Awards $17,811; Verdict Exceeds Plaintiff's Final Offer of Compromise and Court Awards Additional $65,175 Prevailing Plaintiff's Attorney Fees

$1.5 Million Settlement

Multnomah County Circuit Court (Oregon), February, 2013, Huff vs. Peterson; Automobile Collision resulting in numerous surgeries, 18 days of hospitalization and 34 days in a skilled nursing facility

$225,000 Settlement

King County Superior Court (Washington), September 2011, Bicycle vs. Delivery Truck Collision. Plaintiff suffered left ulna and left ankle fracture.

$1 Million Policy Limits Settlement

Multnomah County Circuit Court (Oregon); December 2010 Estate of Williams v. Chen's Dynasty; Liquor Liability Dram Shop Case; Automobile Wrongful Death 36-Year-Old Father of 3 Minor Children Killed by a Drunken Driver With Minimum $50,000 Insurance Limits (Bar Paid Balance of Settlement)

$290,000 Settlement

Spokane County (Washington), January 2010 School District and Teacher Negligence—Burn Injury—Minor Child—Classroom Fire

$1.6 Million Settlement

Kittitas County (Washington), March 2009 Church Youth Group Retreat Negligent Supervision—Dangerous Premises Head Injuries—Minor Children—Sledding Accident